Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scopes out

television can do wonders

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The thoughts still go on

Its not that hard to understand your children

It was always pretty messed up

Indians have their own place in this wide Universe

It was always about the S

Cameron never thought about the long run

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random views of random people

Chuck Norris increased the capabilities of a God

The man is so bloody humble

Tiger knew this, but Tiger Woods didn't

Shakespeare never expected the future generations to obtain such vivid imaginations

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Its time I posted something a little bit more creative.
New stuff will be put up every week.


Sunday, September 28, 2008

WACKO.......and CRACKO

Ok...so I am back ....ready to crap once again.
This time its about ultra superficial mentality to become a psycho or a homicidal maniac (both of these jobs are fine as they both involve killing people).

So as I was lying on my bed thinking what to do next a sudden thought struck me (I was sleeping actually......just imagine). What if I could roam around freely and do anything that I want and never ever regret about it.......well it took me almost ten hours nearly to fabricate these thoughts and place them properly in the needed sections of my big 14.2 kg brain (if i knew the density...then i would certainly have calculated its mass.......guhahahaha). So there I was looking up at a helpless creature, a fly which got stuck onto the sticky web of a rather touchy spider (I heard it cry), and alas I figured out that I was completely getting diverted from my major topic of discussion......focus......focus......i donot want to end up typing another senseless piece of kadai chicken. So I thought about the financial securities and the things one would enjoy if he/she took up professional assassination (it includes killing people and earning money for killing...hurray i can by myself a meal). And so I decided. One fine day I would take up this call of density...chay....destiny.
I wasted the rest of my day at school and then in the last hour I got the pleasure of cold blooded murderous torture............yes.....I did it......I tortured a creature by random selection and assortment (I was sitting in a maths class during this time of the day....so you can guess.....if you cant then i cant help it.......read on). Now for the organism, it was just another bright sunny day when one aesthete atheist caught hold of him and tortured him/her by cutting his/hers limbs off. Then came of the head. Still the body didnt quit shaking. One last wack ....."CRUNNNCCHHH". Dead. Its dead. Haha.....hihi.....hehe..hahohohohahehi.......hu...hu......heh.
Now for the revelation of the organism. Unfortunately it was a six legged critter popularly known as 'ANT'. Anyways I enjoyed it (Its better than permutation and combination.....and no permutation is not associated with biology and combination is not a new country). 

As you see people....I tried to stick to the topic as much as I can but I just can't. Thoughts flow in like Nile. So this cannot be appreciated as another piece of masterful literature.

Heck...who cares, other than the ant community which has forcefully been deprived of its member (probably a 'gunda'.....the ant was black......i think).

And for those who have observed this carefully that i have not used any swear words in this blog, never fear. I have not been torn off my linguista literaria...........WHAT THE FUCK was that....???? Tadaa.........i just said a bad word. Please donot condemn me from this world.

Even stick figures are better than me.....................SAD

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well..........this blog particularly means nothing as it has no interesting content nor anything which would satisfy any reader who wishes to find eternal bliss when he spots out rubbish in what others write.

Tadaa........what a meaningless sentence. 3 cheers for myself (I fall asleep.............wakes up after 32.56 minutes). Whaa........where am I..??? Oh yes the blog. I almost forgot. What..?? Almost...?? I forgot. Well if you have been reading the past few lines and is trying to find anything that may glorify your quest for literary consciousness.......then I'll have to say...."Sorry mate....better luck next time".

I desperately struggle to stay awake. At this point I'm thinking. All my previous thought processes were typed in brackets....then why not this one. I desperately ponder over the keyboard to find the bracket. Oops ...its gone. 

If you have had enough of rubbish.....you may click on any random link that may take you away from reading my stupendous blog. Hah. But wait. The urgency of readiness(irony meant) does not allow you to go. Now you think I'm a little cuckoo in the head. But hey....think again. I'm vulture in my head. Hah.

I wonder if you had enough. For those guys who read blogs from in between by selecting random paragraphs, I may have to warn you that if you donot read the blog from the beginning....you may not understand a single thing till now. But those who read it from the beginning, I congratulate as they try to figure out what the whole frigging blog is about.

Do I stop here. I give no hollow promises. I am neither Indian government nor Kerala government. Crap 'Kerala' is being underlined in small red dots depicting a spelling mistake. Bloody fool dictionary and Thesaurus. It contains the meanings of onomatopoeia, Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, and  pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism. But hey no 'Kerala'...enna koppadey ithokke.............amedhyam.....shit

With these words I conclude my speech.....Thank you 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

9 atm

All good things occasionally come to an end and yes the end just came.
After writing the bloody friggin icse boards and scoring a 92+ I thought all hardships was at an end….but no something else was at stake. And it was my mind. Now I’m trapped between things which lead to things which can cause things to sprout up like bananas (bananas never sprout up that easy…..still...).

The day had finally arrived on 20th May (the day had previously arrived on 15th May, and 17th May). It was 3pm and the results were out. Unfortunately for me……my results had to be informed to me through phone calls and SMS due to bloody Virtumondes lurking in my PC. When I heard the marks I was stunned. Finally all my hard work had paid off (daily 2 hrs study, 10hrs sleep, 2 hrs eating, 2hrs things, 8hrs school and rest of the time indulged in nice things such as blowing up heads and firing ion cannons). I was happy with the results. Then the question aroused from somewhere behind my head “What NEXT??”……………It was my brother asking me questions. I kept mum.

At night I phoned a kid from my class and figured out that everyone was headed out for Brilliant Tutorials……….yippeeeeeeeee….I thought that it would be a good idea. He had requested me to reach there before 9 or else the officer would go out shitting. I reached there at 9 with another guy who is too good to be my friend. And there it was. The Brilliant ‘pettikada’ in front of me. Bad news. It was closed. I roamed about and it was 9:45 when the good guys came along and open the crappy jammed doors. We went in and there it was……………a notice board with all brilliant crap on it. A dude came and told things to which we replied. Now my friend had opted for medicine and he told there was some AIPMT classes and I had told him all-India, so he told me AIEEE. We collected registration forms and as we walked out familiar faces went past. They all were there for IIT classes………..IIT?? What were they thinking? I asked them and got the answer. Almost 70% were there due to constant pressure from parents and 20% due to self will and 10% just based on hope (the fess for IIT training is around 70,000 Indian urupikas). And finally I found a guy who was there for AIEEE training…………it was just a single guy………..and I would be the second guy………bleah…I am going to pay 27000 Indian urupikas to sit alone with a friggin guy…….go to hell.

As I walked away from there towards the nearby theater………….only two words were in my head “What NEXT??” and this time it was my dear friend asking me……..I said “Nothing….. ”. But still the question remained in my head WHAT NEXT…………there is too much at stake too many tuitions……..too many courses………….too much stuff.